Tuesday, October 09, 2007

qianwen is my gan stead....i ask her to be my gan because....huan loh la....lolz....her bf is li wei....the botak....=x....ask me dont nudge u but still at msn so slow reply...really is wugui la...hahaz.....i nw update le....dont say i lazy.....ben dan....hahaz....meet this week...you going bugis right?unknown people at my tagboard...shut up la...who are you all?know me meh?come my blog gam lan?nnb!

xiiaovonn @ 7:56 PM

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

i help eu update nahs
lazy piggy nors
benben lazy update so xiiaogirl help him (:
eu own mii a favour
don care , bleahs
dis blog is dyin soon
so ppls , don nid tu tag ; benben sae de
cos if tag liaos he will reply v late de ;
million of yrs huhs ?

xiiaovonn @ 1:22 PM

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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Jon ar. Why you go scold wen scold till she cry till so cham? I se eher cry I gek sim leh. You know she is my dearest mei then you still go scold her. You badmood also cnt vent yr anger on her ma. She yr gf leh! You like that treat her. You know what she say to me ma? She say she don’t have a place to breathe when with you caz she talk to guy nia then you pek cek. Somemore she drink breezer nia you scold her till like that. Brother ah! Breezer nia what. What for scold her till like that? She also nvr drink Heineken le. She told me that she drink breezer then give you scold till so cham. She zao zi dao jiu go drink whiskey sour lor. Heng that night I pei her ah. If not I think she go drink beer we also don’t know lor. She know her limit what. Somemore she so stress on her studies. Gove her drink a bit breezer also wont die right? Think through it la. She told me that she cnt continue this relationship anymore. You also very siao de leh. You that day eat wrong medicine ar? She stress on her prelim le then you still go scold her. She drink breezer relax a bit you also scold her. Hais. Bo way gong la me. You two problem you settle yourself. I don’t know liao. This week, elson ask all his ginna go watch dino at science center. I don’t know wen will go or not la. But von they all try their best ask her go le. If she go see dino with us, then I hope you will cherish this chance given ar. Elson say he wont let dos ppl off whu make wen sad or du lan de. somemore you also elson ginna, you should know hw du la nelson will be if he know you hurt wen so deep.

xiiaovonn @ 3:39 AM

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Friday, July 07, 2006

sian zi bua

Finally manage to find a time to update my blog. I nvr smoke for 4 days already. Cant believe that I could do it. Went MOS with my brothers. Then got a bunch of farking idiot diao me, I buey song so gin him. After a while he n his friend come confront me. Bo liao. Mai act paikia la. Mother farker! I act act take out hp call police nia they jiu siam. Say don’t want cause trouble. Hum dio gong lar. Lanjiao! Bo dah! Humji kias lor. One of the bastard friend say what they not purposely. Ha! Pian siao ar? I not stupid lor. Don’t wish to talk about them anymore. Dirtying my blog nia.

One for all,all for one!
Woots! Bro foreva!
Wan shui bro!

xiiaovonn @ 5:33 AM

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Monday, May 15, 2006

im sorry

long time nvr update this blog. just realise it when wen told me that my blog is dying.. lol. went out with ming,jon,wen and wei hao. quite a fun day la. but i make wen cry just becaz i said the wrong thing. arghh! sorry wen. lazy to continue writting. thats all. bye!

xiiaovonn @ 12:24 PM

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

first blog i ever had. thnks to wen

this skin is qianwen help me find de. sorry to waste your time help me find this skin. paiseh. lol. thank you a lot! qianwen, no need help ming do his blog la. haha.

xiiaovonn @ 11:15 AM

- s n o o p y LOVE (: ; -

benson is my name
nick is ben
thanks her a lot!

Qianwen jonethan

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